Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Etihad Airways bad flight communications

Etihad makes its own press...
Video 12 recorded at 1045am 30/01/09. Alright for the cabin crew, they have had a change of shift, but the passengers cannot go home, we are stuck with ETIHAD AIRWAYS. Listen to the pilot say we need more time to refuel for the 40 minute journey from Al Ain to Abu Dhabi! As if they haven't had long enough already... we are not flying from London this time. You can hear in my previous videos that the previous Etihad pilot had already confirmed refuelling had been completed hours earlier! we hadnt moved an inch in the meantime...we wouldnt have been in this mess, if Etihad had enough fuel to get us to Abu Dhabi in the first place, where the airport remained open with flightslanding and taking off. To top it all, listen to this pilot state we could land innear zero visibility anyway, using autopilot! why did it take all night to work this out?? He then says there is still bad fog but we should be ok and will finally take off. There was no sign of fog at any stage of this Etihad flight nor on final approach, as per videos. Make your own mind up ... I will never flyEtihad airways again. There are many airlines out there so use one that is safe, reliable and trustworthy otherwise you end up with a pig in a poke. Cheap fares alone mean nothing, as a camel would have been cheaper and more comfortable!

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